Pet's Paws Automatic Quick Cleaner™
Pet's Paws Automatic Quick Cleaner™
Pet's Paws Automatic Quick Cleaner™
Pet's Paws Automatic Quick Cleaner™

Pet's Paws Automatic Quick Cleaner™

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- Bring The Clean Paws Home Within 4 Minutes

Every time we go back home after hanging out with dogs, their paws are extremely dirty and stinky. It is very time-consuming, physically demanding, and messy for us to clean their paws. As a result, we designed this Automatic Paw Cleaner™. Soft silicone materials can better and more effectively clean dust and stains on paws. The automatic spin will clean and massage every section of the paw. The best method to eliminate the stinky pet odor is using Paw Cleaner™ to clean and massage their paws individually.

- Easy To Carry The Pet Shampoo

We designed an extra large 300ml shampoo container. Helps you to wash faster, smell better and be more convenient. To prevent bacteria growth and stinky paws. It is all to protect our dogs.

- Buckle Design For After-Cleaning Easier

The width of the base of the Paw Cleaner™ has been enlarged to increase stability. So that when you clean the paw, the Paw Cleaner™ will not shake or move randomly.  Moreover, the buckle design allows you to easily remove the soft silicone brush for easy cleaning. 

- Ultra-Long Life Battery

With the package comes a USB charging cable, designed with a USB charging port to facilitate our charging. 3 hours of charging can be used for 12 consecutive days of cleaning use. Our products are designed for environmental protection, sustainable use, and cost-saving purposes.

- Instructions

1. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the Paw Cleaner™ (the
amount of water should be just enough to wash the paw. Adding a little amount of shampoo is better).

2. Put the paw into the Paw Cleaner™, press the on/off button, then the Paw Cleaner™ will wash and massage the paw at the speed of 200rpm, wait for 1-2 minutes, then take out the paw and dry it with a towel.

3. After cleaning, pour out the sewage and take out the silicone brush for washing. Please note that do not put the whole machine into the water!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
carla scullion

It really cleans a lot.


He does not like me to clean his foot since he was born. But he has to since the doctor said he has foot disease. The cleaner really helps to avoid foot disease.


iI don't think they enjoy the cleaning, only the massage and scratching an itch

Karin Bertilsson

Every time he gets home, his eyes...just waiting for the foot massage. I guess not only massage but can also scratching an itch.

Joelle Wagner

All I need to do right now is just turn on the machine, my dog put his foot into it by himself. I never expect that he will be this kind of clever. I just need to get ready for the towel to wipe his wet foot...... I'm so proud!!!! lol!!!!